Friday, July 29, 2016

Ginza desu

First of all, the weather yesterday was gorgeous! The sky was stripey and stunning.

I spent most of the day cleaning and packing. In the early afternoon, I went out for lunch and town business with Harry and David.

After, I needed a reward! I'd wanted to see Ginza (a fancy area of Tokyo) at night, so I hopped on a train and headed it.

Of course, I stopped for a coffee! Doutor is usually a normal coffee chain, but this one was glamorous!

I sat outside and watched people pass by.

 Ooooh, coffee reflection!

After coffee, I strolled around the area and looked at the shops.

This is the worlds largest Uniqlo! I bought a t-shirt.

City life

The fancy Doutor!

This building is famous. I forgot why, but it looks pretty cool.

This one was tough to get a picture of! It was too big!

It was a great evening, and I'm in love with Ginza!