Sunday, June 26, 2016

Beach life

You may not know this about me, but I love beaches! I know, I know, big surprise. So of course, I wanted to go for my birthday! Roop is also having a birthday, so we made it a joint birthday.

Seat on the train and loving life.

Katase Enoshima is a pretty cool station, right?
Yay, beach! I think this was after I'd been in for a swim. Couldn't catch many waves, but it was great! The sea wasn't too cold, and the waves were fun.

I have goofy friends! Yay!

After the beach, we walked over to the island. It's always crowded, but pretty.

Hello, kitty cat!

This one is currently in love with hydrangeas! 

Not me...I'm not a flower fiend at ALL (lol).

 Can you see Fuji in the background of this one?

They've build a bunch of huts on the beach since the winter. Maybe so people can eat without getting attacked by a hawk?

Friends and Fuji - Roop, Harry, and Anthony looking too cool for school.

The addition of me makes any picture much less cool...excellent! Especially since my bangs are standing at attention.

Thank you sign, I certainly did!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Happy Birthday

I'm happy to report that 35 was a lovely birthday! Sadly, the picture on my Hokkaido calendar for June 21 is fish drying. Oh, well!

Had a lovely present from Harry and some happy birthdays from my students! Made me very happy! Then, look who came!! Yes, it's Tomoko! She stopped by on her way back to Hokkaido from Vietnam.

I was sad when she had to leave!

This evening, I went to my FAVORITE SUSHI RESTAURANT with Harry and David. Haha, I was there on Christmas Eve and my birthday - it's becoming quite the holiday location.

Afterwards, we rode a random Ferris wheel and ate doughnuts.

It was really nice to have such a lovely birthday this year! Lots of happy wishes, notes, and fun!

I think it's gonna be a good year.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Birthday Eve!

Well, another birthday is nearly here! I'm not fond of getting older, but I do like birthdays. And I have - ahem - sort of been treating myself quite a bit. I may be eating canned tuna for the rest of the month. Actually, tuna's kind of expensive. But I digress!

This evening, I treated myself to Starbucks, a tiny plushie, and a walk through the park.

This weekend, I treated myself to some flowers and a freshly cleaned apartment!
I moved my bed to the floor where it's cooler

It's been a lovely lead-up to my birthday, and I'm looking forward to a good day tomorrow. Thankful for another year!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

June in Japan

This post is going to cover the past 2 weekends - I think! We shall see what actually happens.

Last weekend I went to a women's conference on Saturday. Sunday evening, I decided to head to the beach. I went to Zushi beach for the first time and had a salmon salad by the sea.

I am so spoiled. I know this.

Zushi beach has a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji. It was mostly hidden by haze, so I'm really grateful for my new camera!

 It's not a large beach, but there were a lot of people having fun.

 It's pretty far from my house, so I didn't stay for the whole sunset. I could tell it was going to be lovely, though!

Yesterday I went into Tokyo to have a bit of a wander. I hadn't been to the Imperial Palace yet, so I decided to go check it out.

Here I am, looking a bit wild.

 After wandering around, I was hot and tired. I hopped back on the train headed south. I really wanted to go somewhere to read and think, but I couldn't really decide where. Suddenly, I remembered a lovely park I'd visited with Roz in cherry blossom season in Tamagawa (technically a part of Tokyo, but so chill). I had a bowl of noodles (two random ladies talked to me in English), grabbed an iced latte from Lawsons, and headed to the park.

Ajisai were in full bloom all over the park. It was lovely!

Hi, ajisai!

Can't stop taking pictures!

How do you close your eyes in your own selfie? That takes talent. Well, I was using a timer and sunscreen got in my eyes.

The nice thing about having a blog is posting as many pictures of ajisai as you want!

 Train and flowers! All this shot needs is coffee and a mountain, and my favorite things will be here! Oh, and the sea. Never mind, that would be a bit much.

Eventually, I came back home to my own neighborhood. 

Today I'm going out to Kamakura with a group of people! Maybe I'll post some pics from that adventure when it happens!