Saturday, July 26, 2014

What a difference 5 years makes

When changes happen gradually, you don't really realize how dramatic they are!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Here we gooooo!

Two months from today, I will start a new job! After a nice and long time at home with my family, I will head off to either Tokyo or Nagoya (my new job is still deciding where I will be placed) to teach English for three months with the Westgate Corporation. 

I will be exchanging my wide open spaces for something like this:

It's going to be a completely new adventure!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beautiful Places: Wakkanai Kouen

I really love Wakkanai Park on a beautiful day. It’s built on a hill, which is exhausting, but you can get some beautiful views. Today, I took a picnic lunch to one of the lower levels of the park. Part of me wanted to climb the full mile up to the swings, but it was just tooooooooo long.

I had a beautiful view for my lunch, though!


I took a tuna sandwich. Trying to use up leftover food. Speaking of leftover food, I think I gave myself mild food poisoning. Oh, well. It wasn’t the tuna. I think it was some milk. I’m all better now, though (I think). Leftover roulette!

Here’s a tree I like a lot. It always looks pretty with the sea behind it.


The view through a hole in the trees


Then, I got to see something I’ve never seen before. Everyone, you’ll need your glasses or a magnifying glass for this one. I’ll wait…




Everybody OK? Check it out! There are two ferries converging on Wakkanai at the same time! I found this rather exciting. The Soya Boreas is the white dot on the left, and the Feelease Soya is the dot on the right.


I love gorgeous views!



It's really hot today! Usually, when I think it's hot, I tell myself that it's not hot for MS, and that helps me notice things like cool breezes. But the sun is shining today, and it's pretty toasty. See!
The current temp is down at the bottom right. That's the highest I've seen this summer! Wow!

I wonder what the equivalent temp is in Farenheit. Let's ask Siri. 

I've been ruined for Mississippi life!


Those of you who know me well know that I tend to be a bit of a worrier.

OK, that’s an understatement!

Anyway, on Friday, someone dropped a bit of a bomb on me.

That is also an understatement.

Well, my brain bit into that bomb, and we were off to the Gnawing Championship 2014. I got some good advice from different people on the subject, but I was still consumed with worry.

This weekend, a Facebook friend posted a picture with this verse on it:photo (6)















When I read it, it really struck a chord with me. It was one of those times that I could really feel that God was saying something to me.

It stayed with me through the weekend, and I tried to figure out what it meant.

“Lord, what does it mean that You will fight and I just need to be still? Is this idea for action that I just had Your way of fighting for me? What do You want me to do?”

It was a long weekend, and today was my first chance to deal with the situation. I braced up my tablespoon of courage and marched in.

Much to my surprise, everything had been taken care of! My contacts had fought their way up the line for me, and everything had been neatly fixed up.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so that’s what You meant, Lord. Just what You said. Heh.”

I couldn’t believe how clear the message was in hindsight! Hindsight really is 20/20. After all, the message really couldn’t have been clearer.

Thank You, Lord!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hidden Mountains

photo (5)

This morning, a really timely devotional arrived in my inbox. It’s from Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening from July 21, and it was just what I needed to hear. Just in case any of you need it as well, here it is!

Morning and Evening - July 21

Umi no hi

Drove to Nayoro this morning. 
Beautiful weather! Spent the day at a big picnic and saw a gorgeous sky. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

What do you think?

Happy face, or am I seeing things again?


Went for a walk by the sea this afternoon. It was a really pretty day to just sit outside, let my legs dangle high over the water, write, and think.

And be a ham.


The sky changed a lot during the short time I was out there.




Well, I’m hungry. Lunch was a bust, so it’s time to do a little foraging before church.

Beautiful Places: Rebundake (Mt. Rebun)

Yesterday, I was early for the school festival, so I decided to get off the bus early and walk the rest of the way to school. I picked the Nairo stop, which just happened to drop me off here:


Hey, the entrance point to a hiking trail! The people who got off the bus with me were dressed in full hiking gear, even with ginormous backpacks. I was wearing capri pants, a school top, a light cardi, and pink shoes. No matter, I decided to go have a little peek.

Whoa! The trail was narrow and s-t-e-e-p! I paused, and put my shoes all the way on my feet.


Pretty flowers and a bottle green fly!


What is this flower? I don’t know, but I love its delicate petals.


I love this view.


The path!


Flowers and a boat headed in to port.


More flowers. I love the variety of flowers on Rebun.


Hello, butterfly!


When I came down and started walking to school, I got to see one of my favorite views of Rebun, and this one with a special guest!


Well, hello to you, too!

I’m glad I got off the bus where I did!