Friday, July 4, 2014

Last Day in Horonobe

My final train to school. 
Went to the board of education and said my farewells there. The people there are so nice. Really going to miss them. 
Headed to school. Classes were really good. The students gave me messages, and I gave them their cards. 
Part II will have to come later. I can't keep my eyes open! Zzzzzzz

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Drizzly day

Today is the kind of day with just enough rain to turn my hair into a giant poof. At least rain in the summer makes the landscape look pretty. 

This was the only non-weird picture I took today. Here's one more. 
The farewell card making marathon continues on. I'm over 240 now. My hands are tired!

Tomorrow is my final day in Horonobe. It's going to be hard to say goodbye. But so far, the goodbye days have been really positive experiences. 

I have so many good memories from Horonobe. I don't want to say goodbye, but I hope that tomorrow will be a wonderful day. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Breaking hearts, lots of love

Goodbyes are hard. Right now, my life is a constant series of farewells. Today was goodbye day for my big elementary school. The students there are always cheerful and excited to chat. 

We talked a lot during lunch. 
It was all delicious, I promise. 

After school, I wandered around a bit and watched a group of students march past twirling batons. You don't see that everyday!

When it was time to leave, a big group of students came to the door to say and wave goodbye. I cannot lie. I got pretty choked up at the last moment. 

On the train, I read some letters from students. One little one said that she didn't like English before, but then I came and she liked English. 

Well, brother, it was all over then! 

I was just glad to be at the back of the train! I decided to save the rest of the letters, so I just looked out the window and did some relaxing things. The farms are gorgeous now. Bazillions of bales of hay are being wrapped, making the hills look like a bag of giant marshmallows exploded. 
Got back and enjoyed a nice walk home. Although it was really hard to say goodbye, it was also a positive day with many fun interactions. 


I am now 20% done with my farewell school tour. So far, both farewell days have gone really well. Sad, but really positive. So far, I've said goodbye to one high school, and one combo ES/JHS. Tomorrow is another elementary, Thursday is a hello/goodbye visit, and Friday is a junior high school. This week will be my last week in Horonobe, and my last week to ride the train to school. I will miss my school trains!
I wish I could talk a little more, but I have to go to bed to catch the train tomorrow!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Isolated beach

Here I am again, just cruising off down the beach. 
The colors this evening are just soft and muted. 
Sea and daisies! How relaxing. Thanks for the peaceful view, God!
Thankfully, the sea was not as cold as I was expecting. I always feel better after spending time walking by the sea. 

Now for a long walk home! I hope I beat the bus!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Birthday with friends

Today I celebrated my birthday with my ALT friends. We drove south to the town of Yuuchi and went to YuuYuu Farm, the cute place where you can choose your own coffee cup. 
Here are our cups. Can you guess which one I picked? Might be an interesting challenge. 
Mmm, potato crust pizza! 

After lunch, we went to a nearby garden. 
There was a long path that wound up and around a steep hill. 
There were all sorts of beautiful flowers. 
Look at all these!
At the top of the hill were several pretty views, even of Rishiri. 
And check out this sky!
And my face, looking at the pretty green, blue, and white. 
And cute friends!
Afterwards, we went back to Wakkanai and ate soft serve made from Wakkanai milk. So tasty. 
It was a really fun birthday celebration! And the day ended at a brass band concert put on by the local high school. 

A very good day!

Wildflower walk

This afternoon, I decided to go out for a walk. I wanted to walk near the Koetoi beach, so I took a bus out. By my bus stop, there is a profusion of daisies. 
Got off the bus a ways out of town, and just strolled off into the distance. 
It was a lovely afternoon. I saw lots of beautiful wildflowers. I think I saw 6 or 7 different types. 

And, I was especially excited to capture this orange beauty. 
The orange ones were all over today between the beach and the road. I was pleasantly surprised!

I also saw a police sign. Sometimes, they flash. 
I just sat at the edge of the road and surveyed the flowers, grass, water, and birds for a while. Relaxing!

The water was so gorgeous this afternoon.
Finally, I made my way back to the bus stop. 
Ah, a side of ham. 

Here comes the bus!
On the way back, I saw this exciting purple apartment. 
And look at all the daisies by my house!
What a nice day!