Friday, June 13, 2014

More rain

Today was a bit of a random day. I came back to my desk after 3rd period and found:
It was surprisingly heavy!

And check out this great library nook!
The weather wasn't very nice today. The trains and ferries didn't run! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Really Rainy Rebun

I'm going to miss staying in hotels, especially perfectly-sized ones, like this ryokan. 

It was REALLY rainy today! The waves crashed against the craggy coast as the bus headed north to school. It was something to see. The bus window was fogged over, so it was kind of hard to see!
This was from the window at school. 

By the time I got on the ferry, my feet were soaked! I was so glad to get home around 9!

Good night!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Green morning

It's amazing how green things are getting these days. Each season is so pretty. I wish I could take a good picture of Rishiri today, but t
I started this blog yesterday morning (6/10 in Japan), but stopped in the middle. Possibly to try to take a picture. 

What I wanted to talk about was how lush and green the train route is becoming. Once you get a little inland, the heat and humidity go up. Green stuff seems to like that. 
The strangest thing about going inland this time of year is the significant temperature difference. Thankfully, it isn't hot inside my inland schools yet. But the towns are usually warmer than Wakkanai. The second strangest thing is the noise. Some type of wildlife sings a steady chorus through the day. Whether bug or frog, I know not. 

Yesterday morning, I landed one of the tables on the train. It was pretty exciting. I'm always excited by the trains with tables. 
My table. 

Leaning on my table, looking pensive and writerly. The first step to becoming a writer is developing a writer face. Hahahaha. 

Rainy Rebun

We are just pulling into the port in Kafuka on Rebun Island. It's a cloudy and rainy morning. 
To be honest, it worked out pretty well. I'm still so tired today from yesterday's long walk. So I could relax, read, take a nap, and have my usual ferry dream about missing the ferry. 
Hey, empty ferry! That's because everyone is lined up to the right. It takes forever to get a huge flower crowd off the ferry. So, I stayed in my seat until the crowd started moving. 

I love the fact that the tour groups are here, and I love to see them having fun and experiencing the area, but it's really hard when they join together into a Tour Clump!

Hope everyone has a great day traveling around Rebun!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Nostalgic Notebooks

While I was sorting today, I came across something fun. I found some writing that I did during the days I traveled from Jackson to Tokyo. It was fun to look back and reminisce. 
Also found my old inventory. I still have some of these things. Heehehee. 

It's raining now, and it sounds so relaxing. 

Happy Monday, all

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sand in my shoes

I'm sitting in the city library taking a little break from some boring work. Blogging is so much more fun!

Earlier, I went to my beach in Koetoi. There were a few people on it! That was weird. But I think the three groups were spread out over like, a kilometer. So we all definitely had our space. 
Ok, they are around here somewhere. Maybe the other direction. 

Oh, well.

Today, I've been thinking about dandelions. You have to admit that they are pretty cute, regardless of what they do to your lawn. 

Anyway, dandelions are nice and yellow, and then they turn into that ball of fluff. One way or another, those spores have to let go of their stalk. Some spores will float to a nearby location, others will soar far away on the wind. But they have to let go so they can continue the dandelion party. 

I walked over to take a June pic of my creepy building. 

When I left, I decided to take a different exit. No reason (I thought). 
Well, hello, all you dandelion poofs. 

And here is where I am now. I really like the city library. 
The view from the table where I was. 
Where I am now. 

The reason for this blog title
Hope you are all having great weekends!

*I thought this posted yesterday, but it didn't go!