Friday, May 30, 2014


Today has been amazing, but also a really long day!

The trip home from Rishiri was stunning. 
And there was a rainbow in Wakkanai!
Actually, the rainbow went all the way up and over. I'd never seen such a high arc before!

After that, I sprinted to the bus and had a small party with my section. 

In a few hours, I'll leave for Rebun!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Morning Commute

4:58- Hey, I woke up before my alarm! This is awesome! I should charge forth into day! ...or just have a wee nap...
5:00- I don't wanna get up anymore. 
5:48- Time to leave!
5:55- Ok, leaving for real now. 
6:00- Taxis are so relaxing. 
6:15- Hey, the ferry terminal is pretty empty!
6:20- Time for breakfast. I love having Meguriai in the ferry terminal. It's so fun to see friendly faces in the morning. Hmm. Udon for breakfast feels kind of funny. I'll get tailing udon because it has an egg in it. Eggs are breakfasty. 
6:30- I'm getting full. Oh, here comes a tour group. 
6:48- FIVE tour groups??????

6:50- All abooooard. Maybe I'll sit outside and enjoy the morning. 
7:10- It's awfully windy out here. 
7:15- Here we go! Here comes a patch of sun!
7:16- There goes the patch of sun. 
7:18- Maybe this spot will be warmer. But that guy is smoking. I'll give him a pollution glare. 
7:19- Too embarrassing. 
8:00- I'm going to fix my hair. 
8:30- Why did I even bother?
8:45- Boy, the tour groups are already lining up to get off. I wonder if tour people get tired of standing in line with their herd. Seems like the view wouldn't change much. 
8:50- Wow, the wind is really whipping. But my rock looks cool in the light rain. WHAT IS THAT SHIMMER????
8:55- Time to get off. I wonder if the new cafe opened in the terminal. 
9:05- WOW! That is the cutest cafe ever! But I have to double check my bus. 
9:13- I do not have time to sit in the cute cafe. Woe is me. I'll see if they have takeout. 
9:14- WOW! Takeout!
9:15- Caramel latte, please. Oh, I should sit while I wait? If you insist. 
9:18- I can't believe how cute this cafe is. I can't believe that I will have so few chances to use it. 
9:22- I shall call this photo Coffee and Ferry. Or maybe Ferry Good Coffee. 
9:25- I think it's weird to take coffee on the bus. I'll sit in the back. 
9:58- Just have to finish this 37 minute bus ride, walk a mile (hopefully not in the rain), and then my morning commute will be finished. My job is pretty weird, but it's always an adventure!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My sweet ride

Here comes my ride to school tomorrow! I wish they would just let you get on the ferry the night before. That would be excellent!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My tree

Something cool happened today, but I don't have time to write about it right now. So, here's a window snap from the train. This is my favorite tree. It's near Horonobe. 

One thing I'm going to miss about sparsely populated train commutes is napping on the trip home. There's something just right about the light conditions at this time of year after school. Somehow, I fell asleep with my face on the windowsill today. 

Monday, May 26, 2014


Today was a pretty simple day of work and errands. So here's a pic of a coffee cup from the other day. It was from the restaurant where you can pick your own cup. That delights me for some reason!

Sunday Afternoon

Today was a very cold day! First, I tried going without a coat to church. But it was way too cold. So I put on a cute jacket to go to the store and to the library. But it was still too cold. So I gave in and went back to the old standby. 
My poor friends were sick, so I wandered down to the beach in the evening. It was cold and cloudy, but still pretty. 
I also enjoyed reading my book. 
Afterwards, I hit the gym for a workout. 

I think I look like my mom in this picture. What do you think?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I love a parade


On train day, some exciting stuff happened between the trains. When we arrived in Hiraizumi (where the special tatami train dropped us off), we wanted to see the festival parade and the World Heritage Sites in the area. First, the parade was going to follow a big U-shaped path from one side of town to the other, pick up the celebrity special guests, have a special event, and then follow the parade route back with the celebrities.

We thought it would be fun to see the special event with the celebrities, so we decided to visit the historic sites first. We rented bikes and pedaled off.


Suddenly, a parade came towards us down the street. So, we pulled over to let it go by.  The people in the parade had really cool costumes.


There were not only horses, but also this fellow:


Aren’t these clothes pretty?


Can you find the man with the best view?