Monday, February 17, 2014

The great escape

Today I went out and about a little. It was quite tiring!

But a friend had me over for dinner, which was really nice!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

One month

One month ago, I was in Sapporo getting ready for the final 2 legs of my journey to this home. 

I cannot believe that I haven't even been back a whole month yet. That is just impossible. It seems like too much has happened for it to not even be one month yet!
It's actually snowing and blowing pretty hard today. From my window, the flakes are flying in all different directions. 
The other day, they were moving snow. 
A friend brought this for me yesterday. 
Another friend brought me homemade pumpkin soup. I'm so thankful for friends!
Here's McDonald's. We often call it Mac here.
They have lots of special items. The last theme I saw was American Vintage. I tried the Hot and Groovy burger - it was quite spicy! But tasty. 
On the way to work, looking left at the loooooong intersection. 
This is the seasickness medicine I take on the ferry. This is a very weird post. I promise that I don't have a fever anymore!
One of my favorite caf├ęs on Rishiri. It's Vega. The owner lady is super nice. 
This shirt can be yours! Or not...
Here's a fleet of snow trucks, getting ready to drive the snow out of town. 
I leave you with this snow picture. I'm off to work on mending myself!