Thursday, January 16, 2014

Reasons why trains are better than planes

I'm currently on a north-bound train, just starting my final hour of travel. Although I'm tired, I'm just happy to be on a train instead of a plane. I have compiled some reasons for you. 

1. Trains are comfy
2. Trains have leg room
3. You can bring a gallon of liquid of you want. 
4. There are gorgeous views. 
5. There are no scary flight attendants. 
6. Sometimes, there are snack carts. 
7. You can spend the whole time goofing around on your phone's internet if you want. 
8. It's easy to put stuff above you
9. You don't have to pay 7,000 fees for basic services
10. No turbulence

Although flying is a requirement for the expatriate in Asia, you may have correctly ascertained that I do not like flying! I do like using the personal TVs, though. :-)