Friday, December 6, 2013

Let it snow

I love snow!
This evening, my favorite fat and heavy flakes were falling. It's so pretty. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Conference Time

Every year, all the Hokkaido JET ALTs come together for a conference midway through the contract year. It's now called the Skills Development Conference. It used to be called the Mid Year Conference, in case anyone was wondering.  

Leaving for my final SDC this morning was a strange feeling. It kind of marks the end of an era. As usual, the winter train ride was gorgeous. I sat with a friend. We chatted and read as we made our way south, picking up several more ALTs along the way. 

Besides the conference, there are so many other memories. The trip usually involves a foray to the German Christmas Market. There's often Christmas shopping and ventures to Starbucks. And, since we are close to the winter solstice, it's dark. A lot. 

We also eat lots of yummy food. The Northern Four of us went out for Indian food. We went to a new spot. Everything was really tasty. Look at this naan!
It was super huge. 

Although I'll be staying in a hotel during to conference, tonight I am staying in my favorite hostel, the Time Peace Apartment. Yay. 

So, this weekend has already been a time of reliving old memories and making new memories. I shall try to control the rampant nostalgia as the conference goes on.