Saturday, October 26, 2013


Oh, how I love weekends. Today was an especially good day. I got new glasses. My friends wanted to see a pic, so I tried to take one of myself. 
It was harder than I thought. 

Going to the glasses shop today was kind of fun. They served tea while I was getting the glasses fitted. I got to choose a case, and since we have more freedom to be cute here, I picked out a Hello Kitty case. Then, I got a color analysis! There was a style consultant in the shop today. I've always wanted a color analysis, so I was excited. I came out as spring. Time to go shopping for some lime green shirts. Heehee. 

After the glasses expedition, I came home and met my friend. We drove to one of the outlying areas of Wakkanai, and found a cool farm restaurant for lunch. 
That's a field of cabbage in the foreground. :-)

The food was really delicious! 
We got two meals and split them, because both the local beef burger and the pizza sounded really yummy. 
They also had self-service salad and the most amazing tomatoes I've tasted in a long time. Years. 
But my favorite thing may have been the self-service coffee. Not just for the coffee, but because you got to choose your own mug from a sea of gorgeously unique cups and saucers. 
Here's mine!
On our way back, the sky was beautiful. 
I love autumn skies!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My little brain

Sometimes, the limitations of my mind are quite frustrating. 

There is so much in the world that is amazing and beautiful, and there is no way I can make even the limited amounts of things I see stick. 

Here are some examples of things I saw today. They were just brief moments of beauty in the day. 

This year, the fall is the prettiest that I've seen here. Somewhere, I saw a beautiful red tree. There is a soft golden cast over many trees in town and on the train line. 

From the train this afternoon, the end of the sunset was beautiful over the sea. And the edges of Rishiri floated in the distance like a dream. But it was too faint for me to capture (I'm not even sure the camera was pointing the right way). 

Tonight, as I walked to the glasses shop, I saw half of a brilliantly red moon. 

Then, as I was walking home, I heard the tremendous squawking of swans. I looked up, and a wedge of swans was soaring overhead. Their white bodies were bright against the black sky, and it was just breathtaking. 

I just wish I could sear all the beautiful moments into my mind. Know what I mean?