Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cookie Day

It's days like today when I REALLY love my job. I woke up this morning to my hotel room ablaze with light. At first, I thought I'd overslept, but the clock on the wall said 5:30. 
Walking over to my window, I saw this. Well, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see this without a window in the way, so I hurriedly threw on some outdoor clothes and stumbled outside. 

I saw another guest out there taking pictures, too. Here's what we saw:

It was just too pretty. We enjoyed the view, and then I stumbled back to my room. Thoroughly awake by now, I just relaxed and read a book for a while. 

At 6:50, I headed down to breakfast:
Unfortunately, my last favorite food (natto - aka rotten beans) showed up. But I had plenty of other things to eat, including lightly fried fish (which I love here for breakfast, for some weird reason). 

Then, it was time for school. In the first period, the students made chocolate chip cookies from an English recipe. 
Needless to say, they went over quite well with everyone! I tried to recruit new cookie dough eaters, but I was mostly unsuccessful. 

Our other classes were country quizzes. I gave hints about countries, and the students tried to guess the countries. It was quite a lot of fun, though not quite as delicious. 

In the sixth period, a guest speaker came and led lots of teamwork and communication activities. I participated in some of them (and I really want to steal some ideas for English classes!). My best moment was pointing to myself and saying "You!" instead of me. It's not that I don't know those words, it's just that my brain has an odd sense of humor and likes playing practical jokes on me. 

Finally, it was time to head home. I'm beginning to think that some seasickness is in my head, because I started feeling seasick while standing on the island. But I chugged some meds and am good to go. Here's the evening view from the ferry:


Wednesday, September 25, 2013


If I know I'm spoiled and I'm grateful, does that help mitigate the being spoiled part?

I'm on Rebun Island now, all snug in my cute and cozy room. Here's the view from my window. 
After a lovely dinner with coworkers, I came back and poured myself a cup of tea in my room. 

I can't wait for tomorrow's breakfast. It's always delicious here. And the rooms smell so good. 

I'm so spoiled here! And I really love it! Heeheehee. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

On the road

I'm tucked into a cozy corner of the hostel and getting ready for my last night on the road. My friends and I have spent the last few days traveling to all kinds of different places around eastern Hokkaido. 

Here we are - three traveling buddies! We had so much fun and lots of good conversation and jokes. I even fell in this outdoor foot bath and soaked my jeans. 
I had a few hammy moments. 

We went to Shiretoko, a World Heritage Site, and enjoyed lots of nature. The deer were quite bold. 

We saw some beautiful sights from a boat cruise as well. 

Also, our boat stopped to pick up all the passengers from another boat. We were so surprised!

We even saw bears from the cruise. Well, we sort of saw bears. They were too far away to take pictures or anything. But I think it still counts! Before our hike, we had to watch a presentation on how to avoid encounters with bears and what to do if a bear shows up. It was scary! So we were glad to not see bears on the hike portion of the day. 

I'll try to share more pics and stuff later. It's late and I have to get up super early tomorrow morning. Good night!