Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fun Fifth-year Kickoff

And also a fun celebration of four years!

Today, we went to Rebun and hiked. It was chilly for a good portion of the day, but it was also a ton of fun! It was a lovely day, but so windy.

The first photo is some four year friends and I up high.

Two is on the set of a recent movie set on Rebun.

Three is one of my fourth year anniversary buddies - we are both starting our fifth years now.

Four is Rishiri as seen from Rebun.

Five is just a funky flower.

Five pix for the 5th year kickoff! Hahaha!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Japan-niversary!

It's after midnight, which means that it's officially my fourth anniversary in Japan. I wonder what the gift for that is?

It has been an incredible four years so far. I've learned and tried so many things. Can't wait to see what Year 5 has in store!

My anniversary friends are in town this weekend (how fun is that, we all came the same year). Today, we played park golf. Here's a pic I "edited"

Happy Fourth Japan-niversary, 2009 JET Group B, wherever you are!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ruined - temporarily

I'm in Sapporo for a seminar and to greet the new incoming ALTs. But one thing I've noticed is that my body thinks Sapporo is HOT. But my brain knows it is not that hot.

Sapporo is 78 degrees. Feels like 81. Big whoop, eh Mississippi?

It's rather confusing.

Here is a picture of a delicious adzuki bean latte with strawberry.

I'm also enjoying my final few days of knowing that I will be in Hokkaido at this time next year. That made more sense in my head.

Well, I'm off to welcome the Hokkaido newcomers! I remember being so jet lagged and nervous and excited when I landed in Hokkaido almost 4 years ago.

Monday, July 29, 2013

An evening in Wakkanai

A cruise ship came to town, and everyone is in a tizzy. There was a drawing for tours and everything. I guess the ship is traveling around the world.

Last night after church, we decided to go down and look. Half the town was there! We started laughing when someone said that the tourists became the tour attraction. And let me tell you, it has been a while since I garnered so many stares! No, I'm not one of the ship passengers.

We also tried to see how many waves we could get. We got 4.5, I think. One man was motioning something to his friends from the deck of the ship, so he was the .5.

The evening finished with a fireworks show. The sound ricocheted off the boat, so I felt like I was in a fireworks sandwich. BTW, I am horrible at taking fireworks photos. I will give you an example.

While leaving, we were stuck in a Wakkanai traffic jam. Very rare!

The whole thing was just so funny to me. Guys! A big boat is here! Let's all go gawk! Everyone: OK!

I wonder if it was weird for the passengers, or if they are used to it.