Saturday, June 16, 2012


Let's take a moment to rejoice in the fact that summer is here! It's a shift, because I'm wearing jeans and a sweater over my short-sleeved shirt, and heat may or may not still be in use in my house. Nevertheless, everything is gloriously green, and there are flowers.

I love looking out the windows of the train and soaking in the colors. Of course, every season is beautiful from the train.

So, dear family and friends, whether you are roasting or freezing this year, let's remember what we like about this season and raise a slice of watermelon to toast the summer!

Friday, June 15, 2012


…or just amble…

Early tomorrow morning, I will be hopping on a train and heading for Sapporo. On Sunday, I’ll head east to Otaru. Why? I’m running in my first ever grown up race. And I’m excited. I tried to get into races twice last year, and they both fell through. So, maybe I shouldn’t get toooooooo excited just yet.

I will be running in the 5K race, and I have three goals for this race. Four, if you add in not getting lost on the way there.

1. I want to finish the race within the 35:00 time limit. I’m pretty sure I can do this, but everyone needs an achievable goal!

2. I’d like to finish in under 30:00. I’m not a fast runner, so 30:00 is challenging for me. Sometimes, I can do it.

3. My dream is to not finish in last place. My goal times aren’t that far from the cutoff, so it is very likely that I will be in the back of the pack coming in to the finish. My goal is to not be the very last one though. I don’t necessarily have a say in this goal, though! If everyone else has trained harder than me…well…

I’m just excited to have a chance to be in my first race! And it’s in Japan!

…stay tuned for further developments…