Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do Re Mi

Just hangin' and waiting to rock out at the choral concert.

Wonder if anyone would be down with a mosh pit...

Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11, Natto Man, and purikura

Today I came back from my last overnight visit to my floating flower island for this school year.  Yesterday was a beautiful morning, and the ride to the island was almost lovely. I had to be flat about halfway through the ride due to – uh – rocking.

All three high school classes both days were a lot of fun. We played a word relay with the first year students – my team won both times – yeah!

The second year students worked on organizing stories, and then they worked on writing their own original stories (following a pattern). I also had to write a story, so I worked on a story about a new superhero. His name is Natto Man. Japan has Anpanman (a superhero with bread filled with bean paste for a head), so why not Natto Man (natto is rotten fermented soybeans)?

The third year students had the most challenging class, but it was really fun. The challenging part came in the preparation. The teacher and I wrote a murder mystery story with all the characters being people at the high school. Writing a murder mystery is really hard! And writing one simple enough so that non-native English speakers can read it is even harder. Then, making sure everyone in the class had lines and parts in the mystery added another layer. Oh, and don’t forget making sure no students kill anyone, or get killed, or beaten up in the story – that wouldn’t be so good. But I think the story we eventually came up with was pretty cool.

Too bad I can’t copy and paste it into my NaNowriMo project! That would be convenient, since I am a bit behind on it – eek!

I left school pretty late – it was actually a bit funny, because the events that led to the beginning of our story started to play out in real life. No murders, of course!

I was a bit late to dinner at the hotel, but someone had called ahead for me and told them I would be running late. It was definitely a dinner worth waiting for. Everything was so delicious. Mmm.

Today was really fun, because when I got home, I stopped by the store and ran into 5 students from one of the high schools in town. They were doing purikura (photos in a booth with cute backgrounds – you can add decorations and words and stuff). They pulled me into the booth, and we took crazy purikura pictures together. In the first one, I look hilariously stunned, but the rest were really fun.

And, it’s 11-11-11, which is just cool.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ferry NaNo

One of the fun things about NaNoWriMo is writing in different places.

And hoping to avoid seasickness while writing!