Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We all do it. Crash straight into a door clearly marked Pull or yank on a door that says Push. That's why this door sometimes causes stress in my life. They really really really want everyone to push it, but if I often fail at opening doors marked in English, what do they think will happen here?
You should see me trying to get into the train station before an early ferry. There, the door is not marked quite so emphatically, and I usually spend a few minutes each day tangled up in it. Oh, well!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Caramel Apples

Two of my schools want to try making caramel apples this fall. Well, if we must, we must…I suppose.


Now, my dad makes absolutely wonderful and amazing caramel corn. Amazing. I’m gaining weight just thinking about it. So, I think my secret hope was that the apples would have a bit of a similar taste.

I found a simple-sounding recipe on an interesting blog. Only 3 ingredients are required, and all of them are easily found here in the tundra. Shock! Awe! Anyway, here is the original recipe:

101 Cookbooks - Caramel Apples

Looks pretty drool-worthy, huh?

So, I set out to do a trial run.

Here are my apples, speared with chopsticks instead of lollipop sticks.


Creeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaam! Hello, darling. And hello, invisible sea salt.


Cooking the caramel takes forever. And ever. Amen.


Finally! Time to roll!


And, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. But it was pretty tasty, especially once the caramel got good and cool. Definitely not as good as Dad’s, though!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hi, friends! I’ve been away from here for a long time. Oops.

There’s not too much going on here – fall is moving right along.


So, I was moving pictures off my SD cards this evening, and came across some random things I figured I’d throw up here for you.

Here is one of my favorite hotel rooms in recent times.


Rishiri Island pizza – so bad, yet oh, so good. You can’t really see the tentacles in this shot, but they are in there, hidden by cheese.  


  Hanging out with the Japan Self Defense peeps


There’s a big, pretty bus that drives around town. I saw it had a block of text on it, and I finally caught it for a photo. It kind of makes me smile.


One of my little towns


Well, I’ll try not to be such a stranger. But NaNoWriMo is coming soon, so I can’t promise anything!