Friday, March 4, 2011

It's spring in my mouth

Tis the season for sakura flavored delights! One of my favs is sakura(cherry blossom ice cream. Mmmmmm. It had a very light and fresh cherry flavor. Each bite was like a burst of spring on my tongue. Wish I could mail some to you all!

It is really a blessing in disguise that sakura treats are only available for a limited time each year!

Shoes of snow

Here are some photos from my snow trek through the tundra last weekend. I had such a good time just enjoying the solitary path and a brief snow shower. I did see a few fellow trekkers out there, as well as some skiers and people riding in a weird snow wagon.

What you see behind me in the picture where I am basically standing en attitude is a frozen lake. In the spring, swans come to the lake. Now, people can pay and drive on the frozen lake. Why, you might inquire. Well, they are having fun drifting. Ask a young male in your life for a fuller definition if you are curious. To be honest, it did look kind of fun out there!

At one point in my trek, I saw a fox speeding through the woods. Couldn’t get a picture of him, though. He was probably sprinting because his paws were getting frostbitten!

 CIMG2282 CIMG2283   CIMG2286 CIMG2289 CIMG2316 CIMG2298 CIMG2300   CIMG2305

CIMG2307 CIMG2310 CIMG2293 CIMG2311CIMG2294 CIMG2292  CIMG2295 CIMG2296

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy Birthday, Dad! Here is a very strange video for you! You are definitely the best dad I could ask for!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

For a “ferry” special class of 2nd graders

Hello, 2nd graders! I heard that you will be reading about ferries soon. That is “ferry” exciting!

Here in Japan, sometimes I take a ferry to visit schools on islands.

First, everyone has to go to the ferry terminal


In the summer, many visitors come. Sometimes, the line is really long!


Here comes a ferry! The ferries bring people, food, gas, and mail to the islands.


This bird is enjoying a free ride on the ferry! Hey bird, where is your ticket?


When the weather is nice, you can go outside and enjoy the view of the islands and the ocean. I love going outside in the summer. In the winter, it is REALLY cold!


Sometimes, you can see ferries going the other way. The ferry in this picture is really tiny.


You can sit outside or inside on the ferry. Inside, we usually take off our shoes and sit on special carpet covered platforms. Lots of people take naps. One time, I took a nap and someone had to wake me up when we arrived.


Hello, ferry!


I hope you guys enjoy your story about ferries! I sure enjoy going to work by ferry! 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What’s up, dog?

This weekend, dogsledding races were held up here in the northern hinterlands. I decided to go check out the action Saturday morning. And not just because of the food! I rather enjoy winter festival food. Someone we all know and love may or may not have visited the cafe au lait booth twice – she’ll never tell.

When I arrived, I was super excited to see a truck I have spotted numerous times around town. I’ve wanted to photograph it for a year and a half. Now, victory!


Lots of dogs were hanging around the parking lot (tied up, of course). This St. Bernard just wanted some love.


And, who could resist that?


These puppies were just enjoying the action


And here, a matching crew!


This doggie reminded me of a big, fluffy sheep


Finally, it was time for some racing


Go, team!


These dogs were not going very fast – they were very interested in the people


So, the driver got off his sled and let the dogs chase him to the finish line


A big snowstorm was on its way!


This guy had a cool hat!


After the dogsledding, I went snowshoeing. So, more snow pix to come later!

Celebrity puppies

I can just imagine these puppies trying to chat with the crowd or something. They seem a bit distracted!