Wednesday, August 26, 2009

As promised, 100 pounds of gravy

So, the story behind the gravy goes something like this: When I was packing for Japan, I was worried about forgetting stuff. Mom told me that as long as I had the important stuff, the rest was just gravy. Well, the most important things were in bags I was carrying on my person, which meant that everything that went into my luggage was gravy - 100 pounds of it. Yes, I forgot things, and yes, I brought things that have been basically useless (I have not worn my sundresses once! One has found new life as a curtain, and the other two just hang around), but everything has come out ok so far!

Howdy, y'all!

Hello, good buddies!

I have internet access for the next 10.5 hours, so I will try to make the best of this short time! I am scheduled to get internet access at home September 2, which is really just around the corner! I think I will just start making short posts instead of starting one long one to cover the past 3 weeks and getting lost in the middle and not publishing.

Anyway, first of all I want to share some good news! My area of Japan does not seem to be affected by as many natural disasters as other areas of the country. So, if you see that there has been an earthquake or typhoon, it probably will not have affected my area. We actually have super strong winds in my city, but apparently these are quite normal. The weather on Saturday completely destroyed one of my umbrellas. Now, it was a cheap umbrella, but still! There's just something about your umbrella turning inside out that makes you feel like a goof. Usually, when my umbrella turned inside out, I just had to change position a little bit and the wind would blast it back to right side out. So, I thought might have better luck with a poncho. Alas, it was not to be. I looked like a marshmallow, or the Michelin man, or a bag of fall leaves. The wind just completely inflated my poncho. At one point, it completely blew up and over my head! Thw wind would have blown it off my head if the wind could have figured out how to get a poncho over a Helms head. Things are also going to get pretty interesting when the snow arrives. But for now, the risk for natural disasters should be pretty low.