Monday, June 22, 2009


Even though birthdays involve officially being one year older (although technically I'm only one day older than I was yesterday), they are quite fun! Last night, I went through my journal (which I started the day before my birthday last year). It was so much fun to look back on my life over the past year. This time in my life is really fabulous because I've had so many great things happen over the past year and more to come on the horizon. Yea!

I really should be sorting and packing right now, but it is much more fun (or funner, as my co-worker deliberately likes to say) to write this post.

This year, Father's Day and my birthday fall on the same day - this is kind of fun because I was born on Father's Day. Dad and I are having a joint celebration, but this means Mom and my brother have to do all the work (heeheeheehee). We had a special breakfast that was delicious this morning - sausage, egges, biscuits & gravy, cantaloupe, and orange juice. Yum! Just as a disclaimer - we rarely eat breakfasts like that! After church, we just all came home and swam, watched TV, avoided sorting and packing, and this evening, we will have a special dinner - steak, potatoes, creamed corn (for Dad), and broccoli with cheese (for me). For dessert, we are having lemon cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Again, YUM!

Well, I really should go sort and pack now (unless I happen to find something better to do).