Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Blizzard of Photos

I received a request for Hokkaido pictures. However, they don't want to load. People who use Blogger might understand my pain. So, please know that the pictures here were added with blood, sweat, and tears. They don't just dump on like Facebook!

That said, please enjoy a giant random photo post!

Why are we starting at the end? I have no idea. Here's a pic of my gate back to Nagoya!

 Hey, it's Nagoya! Well, maybe. I don't really know.

 Here comes my pink bag! It's the third pink bag. Japan is kind of a girly place.

I don't really know what's happening here!

Here we are in a random pic that has decided to be here! A snowy path in Sapporo

Now we are back to the beginning! Here's a cute coffee I got from a vending machine.

I traveled around Hokkaido on something called the Seishun18 ticket. It lets you travel a lot on slow trains. I took as many train pics as I could. Get ready.

My cocoon.
 Bought some sushi to eat on the train.

An onboard payment machine

Hi train!

Hi again! Is this the front or the back? I don't know!

My first destination, Furano. This veg curry was packed with flavor!

More importantly, I met Mori! We used to work together in Wakkanai! We had a great time talking and catching-up. Can you tell I'd been traveling for 11 hours by this point?

Furano Station - they decorated the steps to look like lavender (Furano is famous for lavender)

On one of my favorite trains - Furano to Asahikawa. The side I'm on has single seats facing each other, and the other side has double seats. If the train isn't crowded, it's fun to have your own nook.

About a quarter to 10, I made it to Asahikawa!

Guess who's excited for snow?

Asahikawa's Shopping Street (the sidewalks on either side are heated so the snow doesn't stick)

The next morning I met Kaori at a coffee shop. We also worked together in Wakkanai.
(the problem with being the selfie taker is that you can't lean back and make your face smaller...I totally see you, Kaori!)

Then, I had what I think was my last non-travel afternoon alone.

Took a pic of the guesthouse bathroom for Mom.

Had a coffee from the convenience store

Looked around town
 Had lunch (yes, that's a raw egg in the middle)

The outside of the guesthouse

I also stopped by a cool cafe

 Now that I'm back, I miss Hokkaido cafes! But I did enjoy my free bean toast this morning (a Nagoya perk)

Then, I went for a walk

I was so happy to get back to the warmth!
In the guesthouse, we wore crocs...heeheehee

That night, I met another teacher I used to work with. Again, we had fun talking and catching up!

Now that I live in the humid South, I find snow hats on vending machines hilarious!

The next morning, I left early to catch a train north. It was below zero and COLD!

But look what seat I got on my northbound train! Long time blog readers may remember the local trains with tables in the very middle - my favorite! And I landed the table! Bwahahahahaha!

Clear days in winter are my favorite. The train ride was glorious! Get ready for a million blurry train pix!

Can I live here, please?

I stayed near here in Summer 2015 - so pretty and rural

When I arrived, I was happily surprised to see Rachel! I got to spend a few hours with her and her family, and we went on a lovely walk (and all those pix are on my other camera...oops)

Then it was time to head northwest, where the weather turned bitterly cold!

And I was THOROUGHLY spoiled!

Coffee with homemade caramel creamer and homemade danishes

Homemade pizzas in progress (I can't handle these pix)

Homemade pizzas and salad about to be eaten

What's this? A banana split? In case you are wondering, I actually LOST weight on this trip.

More walks and the Teshio mascot. That's a pic of Rishiri in the background.

Sadly, after 2 days of being spoiled, it was time to leave. 

Hey! Horonobe! I used to spend a LOT of time here.

Here comes the train!

OK, I'm getting tired and I need to work on some cleaning! I'll be back soon!

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Sharon said...

So. Much. Snow. Thanks for all these glimpses into your vacation. I LOVE the bathroom and the crocs!!