Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day 7

Greetings from the wintry north! I arrived in Hokkaido on Monday, and I'll be here for quite some time still.

I'm in Teshio now in northwestern Hokkaido staying with some friends.

Here's the bottom edge of Rishiri. I miss traveling to my islands!

I'm going to send a bunch of snow pics from Teshio and Nayoro and points between. Ready?

It's quite the change to be back in proper winter again!

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Sharon said...

Wow and brrrrrrr! You certainly are in "proper winter." So glad you are getting to relive that time of your life for a few days. Does it make you miss living in less-populated and colder Hokkaido? Or are you happier in densely-populated but milder lower Japan?