Thursday, December 8, 2016

A brief catchup on the season of leaves

 Autumn in Nagoya is a really gorgeous season, so I've been spending a lot of time out among the leaves. Here are about a bazillion pictures of leaves in Nagoya and Kyoto.


 Autumn leaves in Kyoto are quite famous, and I've wanted to see them for ages.

I found out that taking local trains to Kyoto is reasonably cheap, so I popped over for a night.

It was actually really crowded, and I loved it!

This is on the Philosopher's Path. I was mainly in search of coffee.

Instead, I wound up at a delightful tea shop.

 They are famous for these matcha lattes.

I sat in there!

My Mississippi shoes. Thankfully, no holes in them yet (I wear them a lot).

I just love the energy of everyone out enjoying beauty together. It's so fun!

When I chose my hostel, I chose one of the cheapest ones. I wound up staying in an old converted house that was quirky, cool, and so dangerous! Lots of drop offs and surprise steps around the place! But I made it through relatively unscathed.

At night they light up the trees.

 Every time I wear my Japanese alphabet socks, I wind up having to take off my shoes. It's kind of embarrassing.

This event was really cool, but the crowding was a bit scarier! It was dark and I kept tripping over rocks, roots, and couples.

And, no post would be complete without some goofy selfies!

Got surprised by a bug mid click!
 Met up with a friend for coffee and lunch! Yay!

Happy fall, y'all!

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Sharon said...

You already KNOW how much I loved this post, because I shared it on Facebook. Several people feel you could earn money with these photos---seriously! Have you ever thought about that? The intensity of the colors make them seem almost artificial. And I really love all the Japanese parts--you know the different looking buildings and pathways and seating. Well done, Liz!