Saturday, November 5, 2016

To the sea

November 3rd is a national holiday in Japan - Culture Day. We had the day off from school. I wanted to go somewhere, so I searched the internet and found Gamagori. I'd never been there before, so I decided to try it out!

Sometimes you just feel right about a place when you first arrive, and that was Gamagori for me! As soon as the train pulled into the station, I felt relaxed and excited about the day.

After a 10 minute walk, I was greeted by this sight. Yes, I nearly dropped my teeth.

 I walked down to the water's edge and got this view. There wasn't really a beach, but there were some steps down to the water.
After enjoying this view for a while, I crossed the bridge to the island. It's a pedestrian only bridge. It was also incredibly windy out there that day!

The island was quite small, so I enjoyed exploring it. There's a great little path that circles the island.

It's REALLY hard to take selfies in strong wind!!

The back of the island was gorgeously rocky! I didn't stray too far from the path, though!

Here's a little hidden beach!

Coming back around to the front of the island. Having such beautiful weather was just an extra-special treat. It was cool enough for a jacket, but not too cold. Ahhhhhhhhhh, my favorite weather!!!

 I like to live dangerously!

Looking back at the mainland. Hello!
It was an amazing day, and I want to keep writing. But I'm suddenly very sleepy. Life has been so jam-packed lately!

Good night, all!

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Sharon said...

This place is an incredible find, Liz. A bridge to an island????? Wow. And did you notice it is not a plain old bridge but one made with intricate brick/tile designs? And the water is so very clear. You truly live in a land filled with beauty, Liz. No wonder you have no interest in returning to Mississippi!