Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Airborne 2

There are two hours and 15 minutes left on this flight.

I need a leg transplant.

Maybe a body transplant.

You wouldn't think sitting would be so exhausting, but it IS! It's been a pretty turbulent flight, so the seatbelt light has been on for probably 80% of the flight. That means less moving around than normal.

In other news, I've watched several movies and half movies. I ate some chicken around 2 and a weird pizza around 8. I've also had a few snacks from my bag (Tootsie pops and granola bars). The next meal is either seafood or eggs. Airplane eggs are revolting, but the idea of seafood that has been riding along with us on this eternal flight is less appetizing. Oh, well.

I'm so ready to arrive! We've got 1000 miles left to go!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Still cannot believe you have made so many international flights in the past 7 years! I could NOT do it.