Sunday, July 10, 2016

All the nostalgia

Well, this was an excellent weekend! I didn't know it was going to be so good when the work week ended. Speaking of work weeks, we are in the thick of exams and presentations now. I have 4 more exams to give and 250 more presentations to listen to and grade. Ack!

Also, I think I've been using the characters Sam and Ella too much in class.

Friday night, David and I went to the gym even though we didn't really want to go. It's our long standing Friday night activity, and it really does get the weekend off to a good start. As always, we felt great afterwards and were glad that we went.

Saturday morning, I planned to go to a festival in Hiratsuka, about an hour and a half away. But sadness, I woke up to heavy rain. A look at the weather forecast showed that it was probably going to fall for most of the day. Harry and I decided to brave the rain and go to a shopping center in Yokohama for coffee. I slid into my rain boots, grabbed my purple umbrella, and headed out into the rain.

We made it to Tsunashima Station relatively dry, and hopped on the first train to Yokohama.

But it didn't go to Yokohama.

It stopped in Kikuna, and we had to get off and wait on the platform for another train.

While we were waiting, I think we started reminiscing about the days when we always had to transfer in Kikuna to go to Machida (me) and Fuchinobe (Harry).

Well, next thing you know, we've decided to go explore old haunts in Machida!

Making the decision spontaneously just made it that much more fun. Of course I took some train selfies. Why not? It was weird to be back on the train where we spent SO much time last semester!

When we got to Machida, we headed straight to Jammy Jammy Burger for lunch. Jammy Jammy is deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious. I had forgotten just how yummy yummy it is. I had the Avocado Burger. Apparently, it is the number 1 choice among ladies. We are smart! Harry had the Jammy Jammy Burger which had, well, everything!

Full and happy, we meandered across Machida to our FAVORITE cafe in Machida - Cafe Katsuo. We used to go somewhat regularly, but we hadn't been there since January. The shop was busy, and we didn't really expect them to remember us. But then, our drinks came.

Things got emotional at our table!

After staying pretty much as long as possible, we wandered back across Machida and all the way to my old apartment. Why? Why not?

The last stop on the Machida tour was a stop for soup dumplings that are so yummy. We ate them at the bus station for lack of a better place to sit. There was a free concert going on, so all was not lost.

When we arrived back in Tsunashima, we walked out of the station straight into a festival in full swing! Surprise!

It was everything I love in a festival - crowded streets, all kinds of food for sale, people walking around in yukata, and drinks like this.

Yep, I'm drinking bubble tea out of a big plastic bow with plastic pink lips at the top of the straw. Why not?

So, not only was it an unexpectedly fantastic day in Machida, but I got to go to a festival after all!

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Sharon said...

What a wonderful slice of Japan. The drinks in Machida were C-U-T-E. Loved the purple umbrella--do you still have it?