Sunday, June 26, 2016

Beach life

You may not know this about me, but I love beaches! I know, I know, big surprise. So of course, I wanted to go for my birthday! Roop is also having a birthday, so we made it a joint birthday.

Seat on the train and loving life.

Katase Enoshima is a pretty cool station, right?
Yay, beach! I think this was after I'd been in for a swim. Couldn't catch many waves, but it was great! The sea wasn't too cold, and the waves were fun.

I have goofy friends! Yay!

After the beach, we walked over to the island. It's always crowded, but pretty.

Hello, kitty cat!

This one is currently in love with hydrangeas! 

Not me...I'm not a flower fiend at ALL (lol).

 Can you see Fuji in the background of this one?

They've build a bunch of huts on the beach since the winter. Maybe so people can eat without getting attacked by a hawk?

Friends and Fuji - Roop, Harry, and Anthony looking too cool for school.

The addition of me makes any picture much less cool...excellent! Especially since my bangs are standing at attention.

Thank you sign, I certainly did!

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Sharon said...

So thankful to get to see all these pics of a land I've never seen. A bonus is seeing my adorable daughter in some of the pics!!