Thursday, October 15, 2015


Moment of the day:
My class of 26 students was repeating after me. 
Me: Yes, it is. 
26 students: Yes, it is. 
Me: No, it isn't. 
26 students: No, it isn't. 
Me (as an aside): You can choose!
26 students: You can choooo....giggle giggle
My thoughts: Do Not Crack Up!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kurihama Flower World and Yokohama

I had planned to sleep later this morning, but since I’m awake now, I will try to blog. My brain feels a little like mfeorkjsopaowpoklkmlskj. Apologies!

I really wanted to see cosmos, my favorite fall flower. Here they are on a neighbor’s stoop


I walked my 15 minutes to the station and hopped on a train. It was much nicer than my usual commute!

This little guy cracked me up. He politely took off his shoes and knelt in his seat to watch the view.


About two hours later, I was almost there. I entered the park, and there before me stood…


The great train bus! It was pink! And it was the Cosmos train (there’s a cosmos train and a poppy train)! I bought a ticket and got aboard.

Look at that face…she knows something good when she sees it!


The train headed off and drove up past the cosmos field. It was kind of hard to get pictures in motion. Here’s our train.


We passed the cosmos fields and headed up and through the rest of the park. Out the other side of the train, I saw a giant hamburger. Made a mental list of places to stop on the way back.


Finally, I had to get off the train, and it headed back on its return journey. Bye! I’ll miss you!IMG_4905

Well, hello sea!


Hello, strange flowers!


I made my way into the herb garden, and away at the back was a free herb foot bath. The herb of the week was mint, but I couldn’t tell. The hot water was nice, though!


Just walking through the park was lovely, even though many flowers had passed the peak of their prettiness. It’s a very relaxing place! You just have to be careful to not get run over by a train.IMG_4921

The hamburger! And Godzilla! But what is happening to the hamburger? OK, it had started to sprinkle, so they were deflating it. Sad smile


Watch out, everybody!


I escaped Godzilla, and finally made it to the star attraction, the cosmos gardens. Yay!!


YAY!! Hey, get out of my picture, lady.

Yellow fields for Mom!


And the train going by again.


I have many more pictures, but they pretty much all look like this! It was a great day out amongst the flowers. I felt so mellow out there – not a feeling I usually have in the city!