Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Journey to Thursday

This year, I’m hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at my house. It’s actually my first time to host Thanksgiving! Somehow, it has morphed into almost a traditional meal. I think there will be three Americans, one Canadian, and two Brits.
Sheryl (one of the Americans) and I bought a turkey in Yokohama yesterday.
You may be wondering how a turkey will be cooked in a Leopalace that doesn’t have an oven. Well, it will be interesting.
The turkey joined us for a nice dinner in the shopping center. Actually, it was a pretty disgusting dinner (I think there were flakes of tuna on my pizza), but that doesn’t sound as nice.
Turkey’s first train ride.
I had this horrible vision of the train suddenly braking and the turkey turning into a frozen projectile.
Here’s Turkey with a poster of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.
What’s the best way to defrost a turkey? How about cuddling?
So far, urban Thanksgivings are weird, weird, weird!
More to come as Thanksgiving draws nearer!

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Sharon said...

Ha ha ha ha...This post made me chuckle. I love that you are hosting Thanksgiving! What a brave woman you are! Ask your brother for how to cook a turkey without an oven. He has all kinds of good cooking ideas! What's your menu so far? Do the Brits and the Canadian have some type of TG in their countries--obviously not for the same reasons--but for others?

Will you name your turkey?