Thursday, October 8, 2015


So, I haven't done as well with blogging as I would have liked! My classes are keeping me busy, and commuting is wringing out my energy. The other day, I was bent nearly in half over the seated people. Now I've learned to brace myself against a wall, and I just get slowly compressed during the ride. 
Getting ready to go home. 

I do like this scene from the morning ride. 
I don't like that the apartment is so perfectly framed! It looks like I was trying to photograph a bland apartment building! This shows how quickly we were zipping along. 
However, there have been some good moments in this squished life. I've met two friends from Hokkaido who are living in this area! The first picture is from a yummy dinner I had with one of them. 

I've been here nearly a month, but I'm still not sure how I feel about Tokyo. It really hasn't reeled me in to Team Tokyo yet. But who knows what will happen in month 2!


Sharon said...

So many buildings---and all so close together. Can't even imagine riding a distance with someone's elbow in my abdomen. I especially cannot imagine being the someone who allows my elbow to stay in someone else's midsection????

Sharon said...

I bet I did not ask the question you were sure I would ask, did I?????