Saturday, October 31, 2015

Make new friends, but keep the old

The funny thing about this semester that I just realized this morning is that I feel like I’ve gone back in time to university. This semester, there are always people around. It’s kind of fun!

One unexpected people thing is that I keep meeting people from other parts of my life.

First was Roz from Hokkaido!


Then was Takako, the wife of an ALT I used to know in Hokkaido. We both lived in Wakkanai for a while. I forgot to take a picture of us. But she did introduce me to this delightful meal that does NOT photograph well.


Next came Tomoko, my dear friend from…Hokkaido! More about that very soon.


Last week brought Susie, an old friend from…university! She was traveling back to the US with friends. We had dinner together during their 24 hour layover. Excise my weird face – it had been a long day!


And I just got an email from a Nagoya friend who is coming for a visit next month! We look half dead in this picture, but it’s because we had just hiked a monster hill. I’m surprised we were still standing.


It’s been so fun to see all these people coming through!

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Sharon said...

Great seeing you with friends! Tomoko looks good.