Tuesday, September 8, 2015

See you later, alligator

Actually, I didn't see any gators on this go-round. I did see a lovely sunset this evening, though. We drove down to my new favorite sunset spot and saw this:

But I'm really starting from the end when I should be starting from the beginning. We walked and biked this morning, but I didn't take a pic. Then we are all my favorite foods, but I also didn't take a pic! Guess I'm slacking. 

This evening, we walked on the trail at the fire station. The evening sunlight through the trees was stunning. But guess what? Yup, no pic. I did take a pic of my walking buddies, though!
I'm going to miss being here! 

See you in January, Mississippi!


Sharon said...

This family pic is great! I think we took several great family photos this time--airport, church clothes, nature walk.

Sharon said...

I miss you bunches!!!!! But I love getting to see you in these pictures and on hangouts.