Thursday, August 6, 2015


I've probably said this before, but in Japanese, you can say "Natsukashii!" when you are feeling nostalgic about something. 


My old neighborhood:

Riding the bus was really natsukashii, but I didn't take a picture. 

Lunch with Wakkanai ALTs at the udon shop that serves the best kitsune udon (haven't had one that measures up yet):

Taking silly pictures;
Wakkanai milk soft serve ice cream:
I must stop eating so much soft serve ice cream. On the other hand, I've heard it's really good in my next location...

Had some free time, went to the gym and used the pool.
I have to do something to combat the ice cream!

The day ended with Hanabi - not actual fireworks, but the game. It's fun to try communicating with different people. 

It was a cool and misty day, but I enjoyed it so much!

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Sharon said...

Sweet memories. What is the large square item floating in your soup?