Thursday, July 16, 2015


Day 1 of vacation? Day 2? I don't really know, and I'm OK with that. First, I have an announcement. 

Dear Everyone,
WHY ARE YOU NOT HERE?? The air is fresh, clean, and bracingly cool. The sky is blue and the sun is bright and warm. No rainy season! No stifling heat and humidity! When you look around, the colors are bright and clear. 

Seriously, get in a plane and come! Actually, it might be better to come in a time machine, as rain is coming. 

So, a little about today in Sapporo. First, I tried to walk to Nakajima Park, but I wound up hiking in a huge circle. So confusing. After walking for ages, I suddenly realized I was back where I started. Talk about discouraging! So, I headed for Odori Park and breakfast. 

Good morning, mountains. It's nice to see you!
I will not get lost again!
Aww, I've crossed this way before. 
Hello, park!
Hello, lunch!
There were some funny moments at the park. A group of tiny kids walked by. One decided to wave at me, and it caught on!

Then, a crow stole a lady's hotdog. I had just been contemplating the crow's shiny feathers and fluffy head when it attacked the lady's food and flew off with a hotdog. 

I spent ages in the park reading and thinking. It's so lovely to have no pressure! 

Tomorrow, I'll catch a bus to Kushiro. From about 9 tomorrow, I think I'll be without internet for quite some time! But who knows, I might find random wifi along the way!


Sharon said...

Well, it's clear to me that if you want to pursue university teaching, that you might need to locate a university in Hokkaido!! Or if you want to follow the route Uncle Dan suggests, you will need to locate businesses in Hokkaido. I think you adore the climate there and that a year away from it has "made the heart grow fonder."

Sharon said...

You were wanting a few days alone to relax---looks like you have it!