Sunday, July 19, 2015


Picnic Apr 18 2015

Hello from Nagoya! Welcome to another scheduled post! I am just sitting here in a state of sleep deprivation (it’s 6:50 on July 15). As I was looking through old pictures, I wondered what this picture of a zillion people was. Hey, I’m in there! Can you find me? I’m hiding.

This picture was taken way back in April at an international picnic I attended. It was a good day! I met lots of new people (never met some of them after that) and enjoyed a day in a beautiful park. I would love to go to a park today, but it’s going to be hot today. Too hot!

Well, I’m going to go download a few free books (maybe classics) and do everything I can before I disconnect the internet.

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Sharon said...

Found you in the back next to the guy in the brown hat.