Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My day

I had breakfast out of a vending machine. 
I spent ages making bags out of paper because I didn't want to waste money or paper buying a big pack of bags. 
I didn't get home until quite late, so I bought a gross-looking curry from the convenience store. It tasted better than it looked! It would have to...
It was a tiring day, but all the important stuff is ready for our end of term party tomorrow. But one student said, "I don't want tomorrow to come."

I will NOT get choked up!

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Sharon said...

Your handmade bags are precious! I bet they were so thrilled! What was in the bag? The soup doesn't look too bad--makes me think of tomato soup with cheese melted on top. But I am sure, since it is YOU, that there are some octopus chunks floating in that bowl!