Monday, July 27, 2015

Last day in Kushiro

Tomorrow I will leave Kushiro and ride a bus for 6 hours. One thing I didn't think about while planning the vacation was that every meeting has a goodbye stuck to it. 

You'd think I'd be a goodbye master by now!

Sad fox also hates goodbyes!
Today was lots of fun, even as the last day. We drove to see a beautiful lake. Unfortunately, the clouds were hanging a little low. Here I am at an observation point. 
Wait, what are we observing here?

The clouds made for some nice shots. 
We also went to a wild area - there is some natural hot water underground. That is a huge understatement. It pops up into scalding springs and steam vents. It turns things yellow and the stench of sulphur is a force to be reckoned with. These are not clouds!
It was kind of frightening and cool to feel warm rocks under your shoes. Hope a new vent doesn't form!
Hokkaido or the moon? I'm not sure! Here's my brave friend!
We also bought matching watches there (my gorgeous watch from before is in need of repair). 
We also had one more ice cream. I ha peach soft serve with collagen. Don't ask. Tomoko had soba flavor (buckwheat noodle). 
We also went to a place where you could put your feet in hot water. It was super hot!
I'm going to miss my friend and her husband and east Hokkaido! Stay tuned for the next stage!

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Sharon said...

This is amazing and very strange--hot water puddles and all that yellow stuff and the odd ice cream flavors. Buckwheat noodles? collagen? Love the watches. A watch on an active and adventurous woman who gesticulates wildly as she talks does not live long!!!