Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hello from Centrair!

Well, it's over. I have officially left Nagoya and am at the Central Japan International Airport. It's basically in a suburb of Nagoya. 

This is the airport entrance:
Yes, you get to the airport by bridge! It's kind of fun. 

Today, I said goodbye to several people. 

Lauren (by my fridge for scale)

And, Hiraishi-san. I did not realize how short she is until we took this photo. To be fair, I'm also a bit in front of her. Lol. 

Also, I saw another friend this morning, but I forgot to get her picture!

I also ate luxuriously today. BUT NO MORE! Must be careful with money during this nomadic month. 

Well, next time we talk, I'll be in Hokkaido! And boarding is starting!

This is my gate:
And the ocean view:

See you soon!

P. S. The Internet at Centrair isn't working, so when this posts, I'll be in Sapporo!

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Sharon said...

Love these photos of people from your life--especially the cafe owner who was like a mom to you!