Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June!

I would say that I can't believe it's already June, but it's pretty hot here in Nagoya. It's definitely a far cry from 5 years of cool Wakkanai summers. Actually, the heat took me by surprise on Saturday, and I got a little sick. But I have learned my lesson!

Hmm, anything exciting around here lately? Let me check my pictures. 
Here's a picture I took while sick from the heat. I don't know why it's sideways. 
This is another one. I was fascinated by the way the molding went on forever. 

I do miss having beautiful commutes to share with you. I'll have to look for the beauty in the everyday. 

Maybe a little more heat exhaustion will help! Lol! 

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Sharon said...

Sure hope you are feeling better! Heat exhaustion is rough, and it seems to me that once you have had it, you get it a lot easier in the future. Thanks for blogging.