Sunday, June 21, 2015

Birthday Eve

Birthday eve breakfast. It looks icky, but it was amazing. #cleaningoutthefreezer
Birthdays in newish places are always kind of weird. It's an odd subject to bring up!

So, today I went for a forest walk for my birthday (eve). Mostly because it was free! Here are some random shots
The sign for the course. 

The path

Then, I went a little selfie crazy. 
But then...I remembered the timer function! Ooh, jump shot!
No jump, but it does look like I'm dancing on pointe. Let's try again. 
What is that? OK, I give up. 
I should probably be banned from timer shots. I did also have time to do some writing, which was nice. Ooh, writerly selfie!

We even got some almost sun, which gave me some hope! We've had lots of gray. 
Hey, it's now my birthday! I brought it in with blogging and one of my favorite songs, Steady, by for King and Country. Here's to another year!

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Sharon said...

You are so cute and adorable--loved the jumping selfies and the writerly one!! Looks like you had another unique birthday in Japan.