Monday, June 22, 2015

A Nagoya Birthday

Well, it was a strange birthday, but it definitely had its charms. 
More on the above later. 

The day dawned rainy and stormy. To be honest, I love thunder, so I didn't mind much.  I started off with cinnamon coffee on the porch.
But I was going to go to a cool cafe for breakfast with my coworker who lives on the 3rd floor. We started off, but our shoes and calves quickly started getting drenched. So, we decided to go to a cafe near the apartment. 

We lingered over breakfast (brunch?¥ and then decided to check out an area we'd both been wanting to see - Kakuozan. 

When we arrived, there was a small street market going on...
OCTOPUS! Bwahahaha!

We also had amazing strawberry shaved ice. It had real strawberries and condensed milk. Mmmmmm. But, it did not photograph well. 
We wandered around and found a cool garden. 
The summer green was actually pretty with the garden. 
Saw a certain plant and thought of you, Mom!
Also saw some cute turtles. 
We got back on the subway after that. I meant to get off at Imaike, but I missed my stop. So I rode until my friend got off, and then just decided I would ride the line to the end. Some of the subways rise out of the earth at the end. This line did not. 
(Dark subway selfie)

I rode twenty minutes back, and missed my stop again. Ugh!

I got off one stop past mine and decided to just walk back to Imaike. Easy Peasy.  
Excuse me, why does that subway say Kakuozan? I was walking in the opposite direction...right?

Nope! Came full circle!

Finally made it home and decided to pop over to my cafe for a quick cup of tea and maybe something to eat. 
Yep, here is my tea. 
It was a pretty afternoon. 
Then, this:
And this:
Then this:
I started getting ridiculously full during the above. But then this came:
I had a great time chatting (and eating) and didn't leave until after 9. 

Let the new year commence. 

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Sharon said...

Laughed so much when I read about your missing your stop 3 times! Not laughing at you... The gardenia is lovely. The octopus is NOT! I am fascinated with the bridge made out of trees. How do they bend them in just the right amount? Curious to know if the 4 course meal was at the cafe of the woman who likes you so much and told you where to buy a bike. What a feast!