Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Rain Continues

This spring break is shaping up to be a damp one. Although Saturday was beautiful, Sunday was cloudy and Monday and Tuesday were straight up rainy.

Here’s this week’s theme song from YouTube:
Mississippi's 2015 Spring Break Theme Song

I don’t have too many big plans this week, so I sat out on the front porch reading Culinary Artistry and watching robins and squirrels. I love robins, because they are such a harbinger of spring. While I was reading, a robin arrived across the yard with several blackbirds.


The robin is standing on the sidewalk.

I returned to my book. A moment ‘'later, the air was filled with the mighty sound of beating wings. Looking up, I saw the neighborhood dogs.


Hey! Stop disturbing my robins!

There are a lot of loose dogs in our neighborhood.

Stay tuned for more rainy spring break adventures! Lol!

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Sharon said...

Love, love, love the dogs in motion!