Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mississippi Day

Well, my departure is coming ever nearer, and I’ve been feeling a little glum. I’m sure I’ll be OK once I get going. There really are tons of things I’m looking forward to in Japan, but it’s also going to be a little difficult to leave.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my very Mississippi-ish day.

I won’t be seeing this view until August!


I drove for an hour to visit my friend (dear road work, PLEASE stop!). Her family just acquired 4 new baby chicks. Aren’t they cute? Their peeping was pretty adorable, too.


She took me out to a restaurant located in a lovely old home. The food looks different, but it was delicious! And the coffee and peach cobbler were simply delectable.


Here’s the interior- I love this style of window.


And the exterior!


Dogwoods were blooming in front of the old courthouse. Lovely!


The riverfront has a lot of unique murals.


What I couldn’t capture here was the ethereal watercolor feel of the new spring leaves on the Louisiana side of the river. I may have gotten a little distracted by a train track and a river at the same time.


You know me and train tracks!


When I got home from picking Mom up from school, my brother and I went out for a bike ride.


Tried to take a selfie – this is me realizing mid-selfie that I’m heading into danger.


We had one of my favorite dinners – a Mexican casserole – and then I flipped my Hokkaido calendar and saw this. It’s a famous Wakkanai landmark!


All in all, it was a great second to last day of my 3 month stateside tour.

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Sharon said...

Fun, fun, fun! Jon looks great in YOUR selfie!