Thursday, January 8, 2015


A note from January 7th: I found this post in my drafts. It never posted when I was in Tokyo on Christmas Eve, so here it is now!

Although today is a busy day of traveling, I'm never too busy to perform for my fans. 
Haha! OK, it was my first time to try the koto (this instrument). 

I came back from Hokkaido this morning. The few days in Hokkaido were wonderful. Absolutely packed, but wonderful. 
Here's my old train! Didn't ride it, but it came while I was waiting for my big train. 
And delicious soup curry at Zazie! Yum!


It was a great short visit! I'm looking forward to doing it again. 

Next, the US! I board my plane in about one hour!

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Sharon said...

So thrilled you were able to have a few days of Japan winter...but did you have to bring it to Mississippi??? 3 ice and snow days in February and March.