Friday, June 20, 2014

Adventures in the east

We woke up to rain this morning and scrapped our original plan. Not knowing what to do, we decided to pick a place and go from there. 

We drove to Akkeshi-cho and went to the michi no eki there. Browsed a bit. 
Next, we continued heading east and came to a cape. We had to park and walk. 
What to our wondering eyes did appear but about 15 deer!
This fellow was just relaxing and munching. 
The view from the cape was lovely, even in the fog and rain. 
Next, we found a wetland/plain area. 
It was a nice little walk, and there were some wildflowers mixed in. 
Then, we went to a farm to buy some milk. We thought it would be fun. It was bizarre, because it was a working farm. We bought milk, fruit milk, and coffee milk from a lady who was loading milk into a van.
Near the farm was another pretty view. 
 After the farm, we went to another cape - Cape Kiritappu. It was gorgeous!
The view was lovely. Waves and rocks. 
After that, we were so hungry. So, we headed to a farm restaurant, where we got risotto and all-you-can-drink milk. 
The milk came from cows behind the restaurant. It was delicious, and so was the risotto!

It was a great day of adventure, and it ended with a sushi dinner. Although we started the day with no expectations, we were amazed!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Kushiro is fantastic! I've been having a great time with my friend and her husband (once he finished work). 

We went for a walk in a green park. We ate green soba with green onions and wasabi (green). We drank green tea. We went to another dessert shop and ate green cheesecake (matcha flavored). It's been a lot of green!
Dinner was a super fun event. Kushiro has a spot where you can buy raw ingredients, then gather around fires and cook them. 
Guess who demanded octopus on a stick?

I'm so glad I came! It's been fun to catch up with my friend in her town. 
Bonus points: Guess what the thing below is:

Almost there!

I left the hostel at 6:15 this morning to head to the subway and to my eastbound train. 
And, I've pretty much just been hanging out on this train for the last 4 hours. 
I was excited to see the ocean, but a little disappointed by the electrical wires. Wow!
But later, they went away!
Well, catch you later! Almost there!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Southeastern Adventure, Day 1

I'm currently hurtling through a tunnel on the Super Soya No. 4, bound for Sapporo. We are about 4 hours out from Wakkanai, and there's a little less than an hour an a half to Sapporo. I think. I'm not sure. 

Today was a gorgeous June day. Flowers are blooming everywhere. Here are a few of the things l saw:
Daisies! Woohoo! 
Azaleas! Most of the ones that bloom up here are this salmon color. 
These purple things! Whatever they are, they are gorgeous! But I can never get a great shot of them. Oh, well! They look especially pretty when a zillion of them bloom in the same spot. 
Pretty Horonobe. 
Rishiri (5 points if you can find it) and a lovely evening sky. 

I'm rereading Anne of Green Gables now, because so many scenery descriptions and timings in the books remind me of Hokkaido (things like spring coming in June and the tree descriptions). It's fun to read and look out the window into a world that feels like the one in the book. 
Heading south - somewhere near Bifuka? Suddenly, there was a rainbow outside the window on my side of the train. I tried to get it, but it didn't work too well. 
I tried to get a bucolic farm picture. This will have to do. The afternoon's golden light was lovely, and the Hokkaido farms tucked here and there made me suddenly want to change careers. 

Let me know if they come up with an unscented cow!

I'm going to go read some more. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Post haircut

Here's my post haircut photo:
Yeah, it was in the bathroom at school. My eyes came out kind of weird!

Today's commutes wound up being commutes with friends unexpectedly. It was fun!

Now, I have to get back to cleaning. Yuck!


Mmm...purple flowers by a blue fence. I like this color combination. 
I love the late spring and summer, because the flowers change constantly. There's something new and beautiful every few weeks. 

This was written 6/16, but didn't publish. I'm going to have to pay more attention. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Cool Dad

Happy Father's Day!
I'm so thankful for my dad! Here are just a few things that are great about him:
1. He is a wonderful listener. I am a rambler, so this is not a small thing. 
2. He is genuine. 
3. He is fun and adventurous. You should see him bodysurf, even on a cold day!
4. He is encouraging. He always has something thoughtful or positive (or goofy) to say. 
5. He is joyful. His laugh is infectious!
I have a great dad! I'm so grateful for his loving and godly example. 

I love you, Dad!


On my way to get a haircut. Hey, my coat matches the bus!
It is still gloomy and cold. Good weather for coffee and reading and spending time with friends. 

Ok, and packing. Ugh. I did some this morning. I worked a little on preparing my big heavy duty tote that will be heading out on a boat. I need to find out what mold conditions are like at sea, because that will really affect what goes in that tote and what goes in the suitcase train. 

It's so hard deciding what to take back and what to leave behind!

*6/15 Oops! Didn't publish