Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Adventures in Old Japan: The Last Little Bit

Well, I was going to cram everything into the prior post, but I had a little bit of trouble with the formatting. So, here’s the rest of the story. Winking smile

As I was hiking, I came across this lovely vista.


We must be getting closer, right?


2.2 kilometers to go. That’s about 15 miles. Just kidding! It’s only 1.3 miles.


Bamboo up high…


Bamboo down low…and a river.


I loved the way this tree’s shadow fell across the fallen leaves. And I decided my head needed to make a cameo.


Finally, I entered the town at the other end of this section of the trail.IMG_9682

I knew I was back in civilization when I saw campaign advertising.


The amount of people multiplied exponentially.


So quaint and cute!


Love that afternoon light! Where did all these people come from?


Here are some yummy persimmons and peppers drying.



It was a great day, but I sure was tired at the end of it! Here I am, killing time while waiting for the bus. After I got on the bus, I had to wait for about an hour at the train station and then take two trains back to Nagoya.

It sure felt weird to hit the city after a day of nature! But I’m so glad that I took the time to go out there. Hiking out in beautiful forests and hills was refreshing after a long time in the city!

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Sharon said...

Yes, I am catching up on comments...BUT I am totally enjoying these pics once again. If you ever wonder why you do what you do, just go thru your pics again and experience the awe, wonder, joy,and smiles.