Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Adventures in Old Japan: The Descent

When we last talked about Adventures in Old Japan, I was somewhere high in a mountain pass and had just enjoyed tea and pickles. Well, what goes up must come down. Here is the story of the descent.

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Eventually, I left the tea and pickles hut behind and headed on my way. The trail began to go down…down…down. I had this mental vision of hitting a patch of slick leaves and making a record breaking descent.

“Maude, did you see that?”
“Sure did. I didn’t know you could ski here in November.”

But all was well.

I began to see some small streams.


The small streams started to join together until they had a nice river going. I was looking forward to seeing the falls. I kept trying to peek through the trees to find them, but they were nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, I saw one far below my trail. How do I get there, I wondered. Eventually, my trail reached ground level and split. Falls one way, the rest of the trail another.

Which way do you think I chose?

I know, I know, silly question!



I was so excited to get to both falls, even though I did have to cross a little bridge to get to them. But I really love waterfalls!

Here’s a small settlement that appeared along the trail. Would you like to live here? I think I wouldn’t mind too much!


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Sharon said...

This set of pictures is probably the most spectacular I have seen in your 5 years of blogging. They are unbelievable!