Sunday, December 7, 2014

Adventures in New Japan: Back at Starbucks

Step 1: Decide to get some work done. 
Step 2: Go to Starbucks. 
Step 3: Immediately log on to wifi. Sometimes this begins in line. 
Step 4: Check social media sites. 
Step 5: Force self to do some work. 
Step 6: Repeat step 5 over and over. 
Step 7: Consume too much caffeine and sugar. 
Step 8: Regret overconsumption of caffeine and sugar. 
Step 9: Look forward to the next Starbucks visit. 

The silliest Starbucks moment for me was when I was traveling in October. I saw a Starbucks in the station and thought, "Ooh! I have to go before I head back!"

But then I remembered that I wasn't heading back to distant Wakkanai. I was heading back to Nagoya, where I can walk to Starbucks if I want. I felt a little silly!

Thanks for the wifi, Starbucks! It's been fun!

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Sharon said...

Great post. You should get an advertising bonus from Starbucks!