Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nagoya Matsuri, Part 1

I think we all know my feelings on festivals.

If not, feel free to enter festival in my new search box to the right. And that’s just a limited selection!

I’ve been looking forward to the Nagoya Festival since, well, since I found out I was placed in Nagoya. Actually, maybe even since before I was placed in Nagoya. I found it while I was researching Nagoya in case I was placed here!

It did not disappoint.


It was – by far – the largest festival I’ve attended. Booths and events were strung all along the Sakae area, parades wound through the city, a lantern parade happened near the city hall, and the feudal lords strolled through a covered shopping district in another parade.

By the end, I was exhausted. And I came nowhere close to seeing everything!

Day 1: My coworker/neighbor and I hopped on the subway to head to the central festival area. We met another Westgate teacher, and the three of us walked around.

Mom’s favorite food! Sadly, I didn’t have any because I was still full from breakfast.


We were in the Nagoya TV tower area, clearly. I think the tower is prettiest at night.


There’s a stream in the middle of our festival! No one fall in!


It was a leeeeetle more crowded than most of the Wakkanai festivals. Can’t imagine why…


Soon, it was time to head out to the parade! Hurray!

The parade opened with this pink car, and an official looking person waving. We all waved happily!


We all waved to these folks, too.


Several baton twirling groups came through.


And many marching bands!


Then, the first of the flower cars drove by. We all waved again! And everyone took pictures.


Hi, guys!


Little twirlers.


A bunch of older folks had the good idea of climbing up on a planter in the middle of the sidewalk.


More bands!


More flower cars. This went on for quite some time.


This section of the parade finished with a model of the Nana-chan doll – a huge doll outside Nagoya Station.


After the doll, we had to wait a while for the historical section of the parade to begin.


Here we go!IMG_8366


Yikes! What did we ever do to you, mister?

photo (16)

Is this the end of our intrepid teacher/blogger/lover of festivals? Tune in to our next episode to find out what happens!

(I’ve been working on this post for ages and I promised myself I would go out around 10. Guess who has another holiday? Mwahahahaha. I’ll be back!)


Sharon said...

And to think, your passion for festivals all began in tiny Benton, Tator Day!!!

Sharon said...

Dear Elizabeth Sensei,

We were thrilled with your blog! We saw so many new things. While we watched, we wrote tons of connections on our thinksheets. Some were text-to-self, some were questions we wondered, and some were marked with an L for new learning.

We can't believe that a ninja got that close to you. Thanks for doing this blog.

Mrs. Hall's Second Grade Class