Thursday, September 25, 2014

Not in Hokkaido anymore

This morning, my new coworker and I went to the station and met a Westgate employee who took us around for city registration and banking things.

We had to make a transfer at Motoyama Station. When we got off our subway, we found ourselves in a huge crowd of people. The people filled up the platform, and we didn’t really move. I was kind of confused. What, are we waiting for a speech or something? Every once in a while, we would creep forward a little. Based on where we were standing in the crowd, the elevator was our way up to the 3rd floor. When we finally got in the elevator, I thought we were free from the crowd. But when we got off the elevator, this is what we saw:



I don’t think it will be like this everyday. Nagoya Station flooded today, and I think that’s what caused the backup at Motoyama Station.

It was an interesting start to commuting in Nagoya!


Sharon said...

So, was this a 1 time happening, or is it this crowded every day?

Sharon said...
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