Monday, September 22, 2014

Coastal Adventures


The other day, my brother and I piled into the car and headed south. We watched gas prices drop as we passed through Richland and Florence. We saw lots of interesting Mississippi sights as we made our way down 49. I had fun trying to keep up with all the speed limit changes! Yikes!

Along the way, we stopped at a rest stop dedicated to Dizzy Dean. Just in case you are wondering, he was a baseball player from Mississippi and a radio/TV broadcaster. I can’t believe you didn’t know that! Or maybe it was just me…


Finally, we arrived in Gulfport! Tada!


Gulfport was kind of scary. Plus, we were looking for Long Beach, so we turned right and headed along the coast. We drove through Long Beach and into Pass Christian. At the far side of Pass Christian, we found a beach that looked just right for chilling out.

It was pretty empty! We saw a few other people throughout the day, but not many at all. But the sand was delightfully warm and the weather was not too hot. Just right for relaxing and reading.


But we made a new friend!


Also met Mr. Hermit Crab and Ms. Jellyfish. We didn’t really become friends.


Of course, we HAD to go in the water!


No, we DID NOT go under.


The beach was REALLY empty. Can you find my brother?


Of course, I thought of my dear mother when I saw this…


Although we could still see a lot of the damage and aftereffects of Hurricane Katrina, we could also see new things being built. You just wouldn’t believe the amount of For Sale signs we saw down there.


Pass Christian was a pretty cute little town. Here’s a coffee shop that we didn’t go to.


I don’t even know what this yellow building is!


After we left the area, we kept on driving.


Hey! Louisiana!


Home again.


Then, we hit quite a storm!


But eventually, we made it safely home. It was a great day!



Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

Absolutely adored the photo journaling of the gulf trip.Last shot was especially darling. We have a new tradition when family biking. I start up the long hill to the end of Audubon Point. Then one at a time they all Pass Christian--that's me--before I cross the 1st intersection!

Sharon said...

Yes thew arrival was made even better by the absence of the octopus!!!