Sunday, August 3, 2014

Last day in Wakkanai

I both can and can't believe this is my last full day in Wakkanai. On the one hand, I love life and all its beauty here. But on the other hand, I've said almost all my goodbyes, everything is packed, and I don't really have a home now.  It's a really confusing feeling, this in-between place. 

Went to Noshappu Misaki this morning, where an elderly gent explained Rishiri and Rebun to me. 

Worked my way around to some of my favorite spots in town. Inventoried my boxes. Ate soup curry. I wasn't going to eat it, because it's a little hot for soup curry. But I could smell it, and many peoe say they miss soup curry. So, I ordered some. That's a glass of iced coffee in the back. Do we drink iced black coffee in the US? I can't remember. 
Got a haircut after Zazie. 
Went to the gym for a last trip through the pool. Chatted with some people and met the new city ALT. Filled out an ending sheet at the gym. That made me sad!
Met friends at the festival. Yummy agepan!
Then headed to my last church service. After church, we watched fireworks - a big city production. My farewell fireworks! As usual, I couldn't get a good pic. 
It's been a really lovely and relaxing last day in Wakkanai. I'm just about to go to sleep. おやすみなさい!\(^o^)/

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Sharon said...

Such a lovely day! You look adorable in your new haircut. Isn't it wonderful to have lived in a place long enough to develop favorites? And to develop caring relationships--what a treasure!